Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It feels like we're waiting for Christmas morning...


As many of you know, we were suddenly and unexpectedly given the GRRRRRREAT and overwhelming news that we WILL be getting Brontë home by Christmas and most likely by the end of this week... She is currently in observation, and has had a few test which we are waiting for results on... but the NICU staff members are shooting for Wednesday (THIS WEDNESDAY!)... so as long as her test results come back fine, she continues to gain weight at a steady pace, and she has no events (apnea or bradycardia) we'll be able to have her home by this time tomorrow! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Last I posted, she was still getting fed mostly through a feeding tube... now, just days later she is taking ALL her feedings orally and the tube is GONE! That was the last thing that needed to happen before talking about discharging her, and it happened FAST! (It's like she knew that was her ticket home)

Being that Brontë was so premature, she will require specific care tailored to her needs, so Nick and I are having to take some classes in preparation to care for her at home, and in the event of an emergency (which we'll hopefully never have to use), but on top of that there is just so much regular baby prep stuff to do to get ready for her to come home...there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the days.

Initially, we were stressed with everything that needed to happen in such a short amount of time... but there have been so many people that have volunteered to help us in more ways than I could have ever thought to ask, and THAT is making this time much, MUCH more enjoyable for Nick and I... We have truly been blessed above and beyond by amazing people all around us... God has not only been working in Brontë, but also through her, and I am blown away to see God moving the body of Christ in response to her.

Today we celebrate her 5th week birthday/"would have been" 34th week of gestation... and Nick and I are lying in bed trying to get some much needed sleep, but how can we?! We just are awe struck with God's sovereignty and goodness! He's had this in His plan all along, and His reasoning, which has begun to unfold already, will continue to do so throughout her life and ours.

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